Tech Museum Robot "ZaZa" Trial Run 

May 9, 7PM San Jose, CA   

TheTech Museum in San Jose, CA is about to introduce it's new Rovin' Robot Guide "ZaZa" to the public. The machine's a pre- iRobot RWI Model B21 running BeeSoft OS, mightily hacked into a split personality by Tech Roboticists Brian Rudy, (who crafted Linux code to handle sensor operations) & Mike Drennan, (whose Window's programming handles ZaZa's stereo camera, speech synthesis & animated video lips). Plans discussed for the machine included Museum Guide & Conversational Voice Recognition/Synthesis Eliza Therapist, but the problems of closely surrounding crowds  & multiple conversations  can overwhelm sensors.  Brian has also created a ZaZa info web site, as well as a basic Browser Web Control Interface which displays a video window of what ZaZa sees  & will also show  position  on a museum floor map graphic.  ZaZa's trial run was quite impressive as the machine chatted away while it's girdling sonar sensors enabled it to successfully perform obstacle avoidance navigation through a forest of admiring humans.  After a successful run, ZaZa was joined by 2 other robot pals, Springy & Chachi, & the partying began, hitting full swing when  a Cye showed up.