Tech TV March 7, 2001

San Francisco, CA 

Story by SFRSA Medismeister Cliff Thompson


TechTV,  (on-air national cable television network and online network) series,  "The Screen Savers", did a segment on robots & invited SFRSA. Airing LIVE between 6-7pm, & joined by a live chat room,  from the TechTV Broadcast Center and Studios at 535 York Street in San Francisco, the show featured several SFRSA members & their machines. Participants included John Zeissig (FuzzKnuckles), Zach Radding (Eye), Roger Gilbertson (Robot Store items), David Calkins & Cliff Thompson (AIBO) and SFRSA NASA Robotics contact Alan Federman (USFirst Competition).  

Participants received video tapes of the show.  SFRSA Mediameister Cliff Thompson freeze-framed a few stills off the tape & provides the accompanying report:

The TechTV series Screen Savers "Robot Special" show sports a flashy opening (robot, title, hosts Leo & Pat) en route to the Studio Set (set date, set hosts). The show began with an interview of SFRSA NASA Robotics contact Dr. Alan Federman & son describing events leading up to their winning of the Robotic Olympic Gold medals at the recent US FIRST & FIRST LEGO LEAGUE robotic competitions. 

Host Leo Laporte next interviewed SFRSA President Dave Calkins, while Dave instructs Leo in AIBO handling & memory stick operations. Leo further explores muscle wire action

Next, the SFRSA Robot team assembles & member interviews & demos began.  John Zeissig  prepares FuzzKnuckles for a walkies. Zach Radding prepares his machines, a hex walker & beam robot. Following Zach, Cliff Thompson, demonstrated AIBO target acquisition,  & Ball Playing,  while discussing the new AIBO Humanoid SDR-3X. Leo then interviewed Roger Gilbertson & son, who brought a Robot Ball & Cye Robot from the Robot Store. 

The segment concluded with a Robot Melee. SFRSA President Dave has since become a show regular interviewee for continuing robotics developments.