HOAP-1 Miniature Humanoid Robot 
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HOAP-1 Miniature Humanoid Robot

Manufactured by Fujitsu Automation Limited of Kawasaki, Japan

Forestville Technology

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Forestville Technology announces distribution, in North America, of  the
HOAP-1 Miniature Humanoid Robot

Weighing 6KG and standing 48 cm tall, the HOAP-1 is "out of the box ready to
go," and comes complete with simulation software for wide application in
research and development of robotic technologies.  The included PC uses C/C+
+ language with VRML model data to allow 3D simulation of actual robot
actions before attempting action with the robot.

Universities will find this a useful tool in development of motion control
algorithms in such areas as two legged walking and research on
human-to-robot communication interfaces. For additional information contact
Don Johnson at Forestville Technology, (215) 740-7397 or email us at