Astro Boy/Tetsuwan Atomu
(Mighty/"Iron Arm" Atom)
Birthday Celebration 
April 7, 2003 

by SFRSA Mediameister 
Cliff Thompson



"Astro Boy had a great impact on our conception of robots...
now, a brand-new industry of 'human / robot coexistence systems' 
is emerging to create 'new companions with character for humans'".

-- Toshitada (Toshi) Doi, Sony Chairman of the Board and Senior Executive Director, Computer Science and Digital Creatures Labs President, AIBO Co-Developer and ROBODEX Project Initiator, at "ROBODEX2000 World's first exposition of  'human partner' robots".

Reasons for Astro Boy's "great impact":

Astroboy/Tetsuwan (Mighty) "Iron Arm" Atom, 
Sony Pictures Atom Dream Project
Movie clips

300 500 K Japanese 

100 300 500 K English

Original Astro Boy comics series, English Edition

Osamu Tezuka's  Original Astroboy Manga Comic series, in paperback, English Edition, volumes 1-17...

Vol. 1  - 17...    Feature  Interview

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Atom Dream Project, Sony Pictures Hollywood movie 2004
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San Francisco Exploratorium Science Museum, sponsor and first home of the original San Francisco Robotics Society of America (SFRSA), was visited by Sony founders Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita in 1987. In 2000, Exploratorium  collaborated with Sony in Beijing on the creation of Sony ExploraScience educational museum featuring Exploratorium exhibits. Visit Sony ExploraScience - be sure and check out the live webcam and AIBOcam.









Babel Translation

From the midst of the head of the hand mound Osamu insect the atom springing out in world, 50 years or more elapsed. At that time, it became the soil of the atom, " cartoon " " animation " cultivates receives high appraisal even in the foreign country as the Japanese culture. In addition, seeing the atom, you were brought up, though it is dense, you walk the road of science, while participating to the research of the robot, the atom makes goal of research, the result has enlivened the every day media. And televising the TV new series of the " iron arm atom " is started in April of 2003, also movie release of the Hollywood production is planned in next year. By way of half a century from announcement, the atom which continues to shine without fading. Perhaps that it is the result of continuing to bloom in heart of many people as " a ??? of dream of 21 century ". The bright future where it is opened by the intelligence and numerous technology of the mankind..., various contradictions also the fact that the dark shadow is being dragged is fact there. In work " iron arm atom " it was drawn, the distortion and the friction which scientific civilization brings. Because the ? ? " teaching = message " which it waits in negative number has reached in the respective heart very, is not the dream which is directed to the atom to expand largely, to be able to obtain many sympathies, probably will be? The ??? of dream of 21 century which is symbolized to the atom which we think, it is future it can shine for the children, there is a form which gets over the shadow which it occurs there, endeavors in coexistence with the other things. April 7th of 2003 is day when the atom is born in the story. We you want feel and " birth " point to the heart of the adults who support that to heart of many children, now, as the atom " dream and an existence of desire to a future ". That " atom dream project " being to be, it does. 






Groups: 38 

Human Coexistence Robot: 90 types 


The following "Day #" Report" links access the Japanese PC Watch pages.  To view the page translated into English, (in order to locate coverage for a specific robot listed below):

  • (1) Select and Copy the Japanese page URL Address...

  • (2) Start a new browser session and go to the Altavista Babel Fish Translation site at

  • (3) Paste the Japanese URL copied from Step 1 into the Altavista Babel Fish Translation site "Translate a Web page" input field, then select "Japanese to English" from the dropdown list box and then click the Translate button.
    The  translation process will work away for a while then, when done, will display the English translation.

Day 1 Report coverage:


  • Sony SDR-4X Model II

  • Fujitsu HOAP-2

  • NEDO HRP-1S / 2 Heavy Machine Operator

  • Sun Yaw "Segway-like" Helping Robot

  • Sun Yaw cleaning Robo

  • Evolution Robotics ER-1 (America)

  • RP-2 Promet 2 foot walking robot

  • Toshiba Fuel Cell Powered patrol robot XFCR-01; cell uses high density methanol, offers future 24 consecutive hour use


Day 2 Report coverage:

  • Sanyo 4 legged "Turn Dragon"

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries "Wakamaru"



  • Matsushita Electric Works HOSPI

  • NEDO HRP-2

  • HONDA P3

  • HONDA Silver ASIMO

  • Sanyo Electric Helping Robot FLATTHRU does Hula

  • Sanyo Electric cleaning machine robot

  • Toshiba Fuel Cell Powered patrol robot XFCR-01

  • Fujitsu PFU

  • Fujitsu MARON-1 (Windows CE OS)

  • Fujitsu HOAP-2

  • Toshiba ApriAlpha

  • Bandai Gong

  • Evolution Robotics ER-1 (America)

  • SEIKO Epson II-P (Bluetooth)


Day 3 Report coverage:

  • "Dream Lab"


Day 4 Report Part 1 coverage:
Day 4 Report Part 2 coverage:

  • HONDA Silver ASIMO


  • Epson II-P

  • ATR


  • Toshiba Fuel Cell Powered patrol robot XFCR-01


  • ZMP PINO ver.2

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries "Wakamaru"

  • Toshiba ApriAlpha

  • Tokyo science face robot SAYA

  • H2 rocket

  • Tokai university jump robot

  • Fujitsu HOAP-1, HOAP-2


pictures and movies! 

from Fumihiko Abe ("Gromit")

Fumihiko Abe (Handle-name is "Gromit"), is our honorary Robotics Society of America (SFRSA) "mediameister" in Japan! Gromit attends the Live ROBODEX events in person, where he performs the role of videographer there - it was he who shot & generously provided the 1st footage we got of the original Sony SDR-3X at the 1st ROBODEX.

Fumihiko has shot a ton of pictures and movies which he is continuing to upload & share with us from his pictures and movies video clip storage sites below.

Gromit, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! 
You are the SFRSA honorary Videographer Hero Worker of the Year (for the 2nd Year in a row! ;)
  • Pictures
  • Astro Boy Birth Exhibit (1, 2, 3) Atom Dream Project (1, 2)
  • Movies 1 (some SDR 4X mpegs)
  • Movies 2  

    (Note: in Movies 2 the 2 big hi-res avi movies (ROBOT_Parade.avi (20 minutes long) \ SDR4X2_BackStage.avi (10 minutes long)), need the DivX Video 5.0.5 for Windows codec at; download/install DivX (NOT DivX Pro), it will automatically add itself as a "plug-in" to your Windows Media Player; then download the 2 avi movies to your hard drive; when done downloading, click on the filename & Window Media Player will launch and play the movies using the DivX codec)