Meeting Jan 2001 

Notes by SFRSA Mediamister Cliff Thompson

SFRSA's first meeting of 2001 was larger than ever, straining a wide-angle lens, requiring left & right side views. Projects discussed included a hacked Game Boy video camera display system, a set of Mini-Sumo 'bots & a Robot Arm with a Visual Basic Control GUI. Additional Robots exhibited included a Line Follower, Maze 'bot, Bumper 'bot, Science Fair project & 6-legged Fuzz Knuckles 5

After my AIBO K-9 and another AIBO named Sparky played ball, K-9 surprised us with unprogrammed "emergent behavior"  in a Line Following experiment by following a line made from red ribbon saved from my AIBO Christmas present gift-wrap.

K-9's celebrity was further increased with a showing of the raw footage from the making of the film "AIBO 'K-9' vs. Thunder Lizard!". The film is shaping up as an "America's Funniest Videos" candidate, judging from the laughter it received.