Notes by SFRSA Mediamister Cliff Thompson

AIBO K9's & my favorite robots pictures I took at the Expo - Forklift Robot, Dinosaur Robot, Guard
Dog Robot
& Robot Family. The full set of over 50 photos, which includes a
subset numbered 50-56 that show many of the other machines in the Exhibitor
Booth Glass Case Display Area that were NOT trotted out on the Megastage
runway, as well as a subset numbered ~1 - ~4 that's a Thumbnail Directory
into the catalog of photographs, is available for viewing in the San
Francisco Robotics Society of America (SFRSA) Yahoo eGroups Files Area at >,
which you can also navigate to from the SFRSA Home Page
(  > click "Discuss" button > click left frame "Files"
link > click folder "ROBODEX2002" - in either case Yahoo may require you to
secure (re-)join/login.

>>> LATE ENTRY: HOAP (Humanoid for Open Architecture Platform) (direct link to SFRSA Home Page copy) (Japanese page site - use Babelfish! ;)

>>> LATE ENTRY: ROBO-ONE Worldwide first two foot walking robot grapple competition (Yahoo eGroups Files Area) (direct link to SFRSA Home Page copy) (Japanese page site - use Babelfish! ;)

Here are some additional useful links:

Thumbnail Directory for the collection of photographs

ROBODEX Webcast/Archive site

Japan's "PC Watch" did great coverage with stories & video on all the 'bots
at the original ROBODEX & is continuing that tradition for ROBODEX 2002 -
run the url's through the Alta Vista Babelfish Japanese-to-English
Translator to get a rough description ;)


PC Watch

CNET Japan has some interesting Robodex News websites in Japanese. You can
run the url's through the Alta Vista Babelfish Translator to get a rough
idea of what's happening ;)


Japanese sites

English sites of interest


Moments after emailing the ROBODEX2002 SAYONARA message, the message below came in from Japan, from Fumihiko Abe (Handle-name is "Gromit"), who is our honorary Robotics Society of America (SFRSA) "mediameister " in Japan! Gromit attends the Live ROBODEX events in person, where he performs the role of videographer there - it was he who shot & generously provided the 1st footage we got of the original Sony SDR-3X at the 1st ROBODEX.

Prior to ROBODEX2002 I emailed Gromit the note below, in the usual manner, taking each line of English, using the Alta Vista Babelfish Universal Translator to translate into Japanese characters 
(Katakana > 片仮名) , & pasting those right after each English statement - works effectively to the point that either of us, not knowing each other's language, can engage in robotics shop talk well enough to understand each other!

As noted below, Fumihiko Abe has shot a ton of video which he is continuing to upload & share with us from his video clip storage site at

Gromit, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! 
You are the SFRSA honorary Videographer Hero Worker of the Year! :)

I added links to Gromit's clip directory to the ROBODEX2002 story on the SFRSA Home page.

Original Note to Fumihiko Abe

Dear Fumihiko Abe,
貴重なFumihiko Abe は, 


I am Cliff Thompson

I am from America, in California, in San Francisco.
私はアメリカから, サンフランシスコのカリフォルニアで, ある

We have a Robot Club

I run the AIBO section 
私はAIBO セクションを動かす

I saw your movie of SDR-3X from first ROBODEX 
私は最初ROBODEX からのSDR-3X のあなたの映画を見た

I put copy of your movie on our robot club 

Now I am watching webcast of ROBODEX2002
今私はROBODEX2002 のwebcast を見ている

I was wondering if you are going to ROBODEX2002? 
あなたがROBODEX2002 へ行っているかどうか私は疑問に思ってい

If you are going to ROBODEX2002, will you make any more movies and put them on web site? 
ROBODEX2002 へ行けば, あなたはもう映画を作り, web サイトに

I have your old movie address

I found a new movie address 

Many AIBO owners in the robot club would like to see your ROBODEX2002 movies 
ロボットクラブの多くのAIBO の所有者はあなたのROBODEX2002 映

If you put movies on website, could you tell me the new web address? 
Website に映画を置いたら, あなたは私に新しい網の住所を言っ

Thank you, 

Cliff Thompson
San Francisco 
Robotics Society of America (SFRSA)
San Francisco Bay Area 
& Silicon Valley 
(650) 655-6695 (home/office)