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** The Politics of Rage: Why Do They Hate Us? **

Fareed Zakaria 
Editor, Newsweek International 

Newsweek Special Report 
October 15, 2001 

Fareed Zakaria

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Profile of a SAJAer: 
Fareed Zakaria 
Editor, Newsweek International 

A New York Times profile of Fareed Zakaria

Washington Post Writers Group Fareed Zakaria

"From Wealth to Power:
The Unusual Origins of America's World Role"
Fareed Zakaria, 
Princeton University Press

"Fellows Discuss New Trends in Politics 
and Economics at Institutionís Spring Retreat"
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace within Stanford University

"Fareed Zakaria to Speak at JHU SAIS"
Johns Hopkins University 
School of Advanced International Studies

"Terrorism in the Age of Globalization with Mr. Fareed Zakaria"
Foreign Policy Association

"Notes from panel discussion on global capitalism"
Moderator: Fareed Zakaria 
Society of Professional Journalists
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism 

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