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A Full-On Cool site with links to hosted robot competitions like USFirst & Botball, as well as exciting "Robot Headlines" & rotating "Spotlight" stories on NASA 'bots, & a  Students section offering features like "Ask a Robotics Expert! ", "Be a NASA REP Volunteer!" & "Cool Links!"

NASA Project Management / Tracking / VR Simulation Resources

JPL Mars Exploration Program, former Mars Pathfinder Sojourner Rover Mission Manager Donna Shirley Project eBook "Managing Creativity".

NASA JPL "Distributed Collaborative Engineering (DCE)"


Donna Shirley has written an online ebook that is an excellent tool for managing a high-tech startup, called "Managing Creativity"'. 

A great companion tool to Donna's methodology is "Distributive Collaborative Engineering (DCE)",  a NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) method of Space Mission Planning making heavy use of off-the-shelf videoconferencing software.

Related Virtual Reality Tools are Virtual Research Center (VRC) &  Virtual Laboratory (VLAB)

Here are the  details on all.

The Robot Zoo

The Robot Zoo is a world where nature engineers animals as robots. Where technology animates larger-than-life creatures as master-planned machines. Where brains become computers, muscles become pistons and ears become ultrasensitive sonar receptors".  

To find our where the zoo is currently stampeding, visit BBH's Robot Zoo schedule at San Jose Tech Museum hosts an online exhibit.

Iguana Robotics

The World of Biomorphic Robotics


" is a privately-funded internet startup dedicated to creating a vertical portal devoted entirely to the world of Robotics"


The place for robot maniacs of all ages. We have toys, kits, tools, videos, image galleries, news, forums, links and much more.

"...educational (and entertaining) robotic kits...

Founded in Seoul, Korea in 1995... Microrobot has expanded to the point where we now produce a comprehensive line of robot kits... MicroRobot has focused on producing high quality robot kits for both the educational and recreational user...they embody the principles of robotics and mechatronics, and guide the beginner into this very exciting field... we have branched out somewhat and have developed research tools such as an Inverted Pendulum and a... Soccer Robot Arcade Game, proving that robotics can be a lot of fun."

 K-Team S.A Khepera II

Khepera II

"K-Team develops, manufactures and markets a family of high quality mobile robotic platforms for use in education and research. The team's experience in the field of mobile robotics applications allows it to provide best of breed solutions to the most demanding academic and commercial research laboratories in the world. 

With more than one third of the overall population of research mobile robots, K-Team robotics and control development solutions are the choice of over 500 universities and industrial research centers becoming a de facto standard." Check out Khepera II, a miniature mobile robot.

Kyle A. Kline's 


"This site is intended for research purposes only. It is designed to be a guide to sites offering Robotics Research, Information, Kits, Parts, Sensors..."


"Welcome to Pololu! Our infrared beacon and dual serial motor controller are now available."

Sensing Glove

The Acceleration Sensing Glove (virtual keyboard) was designed to demonstrate that accelerometers can be used to decipher and translate hand gestures into computer interepreted symbols

Computer Vision

An important application of adaptive technology is computer vision. This is a subset of spectral sensing, a field of work that helps us to understand and assess the world around us without having to be physically present. We have approached the subject of computer vision previously, and this column provides additional information. 

(emailed by Exploratorium Technical Curator & SFRSA Godfather Physicist Larry Shaw)


Exoskeletons will give soldiers the ability to move faster while carrying more weight. Basically, an exoskeleton is a wearable machine that gives a human enhanced abilities. 

Rubik's Cube Robot

A hobbyist with a lot of time on his hands has built a Lego robot that can solve Rubik's Cube, nestling it in hands made of plastic bricks


Each NanoMuscle Actuator is a complete motion system designed to make adding movement to digital systems easier and more affordable. A NanoMuscle Actuator consists of a NanoMuscle Motor and a NanoMuscle Interface integrated into a tiny, low cost package containing all required drive electronics, position sensors, and control logic. With numerous models available today, NanoMuscle Actuators span a wide performance envelope.

(emailed by Joe Springer, SFRSA Robot Book Reviewer)

"The Control And Embedded Systems site is for anyone who
is curious about how to control things in the real
world. It contains circuits and software suitable to
the beginner as well as the experienced
hardware/software designer.

Those who are interested in robotics will find several
sections useful. One example is the multipoint,
interrupt-drive, bi-directional motor control system,
including descriptions of both h-bridge hardware and
the software to control it."

(emailed by  Joe Reeder from Learn-C)

P5 Glove

Virtual Reality Glove. Essential Reality's P5 Glove Controller allows the user "To digitally 'walk' through an online room or actually 'pick up' objects in a video the simple movement of your hand in space…" & costs $129.


Fuel Cell Powered Bicycle
...the new Hydrocycle is a motorized electric bicycle fueled by hydrogen. It...can run for about 100 kilometers at speeds up to 30 km per hr...Manhattan Scientifics, Inc...has successfully developed and tested a small, ultra-light 3 kilowatt fuel cell system...light weight...compact size,...highly portable...ideal for small vehicles such as electric scooters, golf carts...home generators, RVs and other recreational use such as camping".  Aprilia is building a fuel cell bike for ~$2000. Noting technological similarities betweens such small vehicles as bicycle & robot,  & considering the Honda P# series Humanoid Robot short battery life, these small vehicle fuel cells suggest a new Robot Power Supply.

Battlebots Toys
Battlebots Toys available now.  SFRSA SUMO & Battlebots Champion, President Carlo Bertoccine’s “Biohazard” is a hands-down favorite.  Read Carlos' Battlebots site "Tips from the Pros...The Secret of Winning".

Early Cyborg 
"Robot driven by a living brain", 
(emailed by  Robotics enthusiast Neil Cresswell)

Hoberman Gro-bots

"link up the intricate pieces and connect them to a remote-control-operated motorized square to produce a shape-shifting robotic 'Hornet' or 'Hopper.'.. 'imagine..creating behaviors... oozing, and morphing.' " (Discover, where it reads "Chuck Hoberman")

Automata from Cabaret Mechanical Theatre

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre offers kits for making Automata & a website featuring Virtual Reality animations of the creations. 

Robots in the Arts

Artists using Robots and Machines
Museum Jean Tinguely
Jean Tinguely on the Internet

John Zeissig
Clayton Bailey

Kevin DiPalma, (fellow '67 Grad from SFRSA Mediameister Cliff Thompson's High School "Villa St. Jean"), sends these links on "Artists using Robots and Machines". Kevin notes that one "Swiss sculptor, Jean Tinguely, whose 'metamatics' were robots combining sound, movement and painting, was born in Fribourg", Switzerland, where the High School was located - Thanks Kevin! 

To these links are added SFRSA's own Robot sculptor-in-residence, John Zeissig, (creator of the intrepid 6-legged walking sculpture "Fuzz Knuckles"), & local Robot sculptor Clayton Bailey.

Web Interface For Telescience 

JPL's Web Interface For Telescience (WITS) Web-browser based planetary lander and rover control software includes a public version you can download and use on your own computer.

Pyramid Exploring Robot's Mysterious Discovery

Excerpt from Solos News:

"...a German engineer named Rudolf Gantenbrink...had made a sensational discovery. He and his team had sent a small robot, called UPUAUT 2, up the Southern "air-shaft" of the Queen's Chamber inside the Great Pyramid...a camera on board had taken pictures of ...the other end of the shaft...".

Excerpt from Rudolf's  UPUAUT PROJECT website:

"...I embarked on a...campaign to carry out a video inspection of the tiny shafts of Cheops, specially-constructed robots..."UPUAUT-2",......and of the support vehicle..."ROPE CLIMBER..." 

(Son of Egyptian God Anubis, "Upuaut" means "The Opener of the Ways", especially the gates of the underworld)

USFirst & Founder / Inventor / Roboticist Dean  Kamen

USFirst Site 

Dean's Co. (DEKA Research and Development), 
Stair Climber 
(MSNBC story)  & 
(Wired story)

ID Tech Camps - Programming & Robotics Summer Camps!

iD Tech Camps: Hands-On Technology Fun! []
Send your 8-17 year old to a weeklong hands-on technology summer camp to learn programming & robotics, produce digital movies, create video games, design web pages, and more. Bay Area locations include: UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Notre Dame de Namur, St. Mary's of Moraga, and Santa Clara University. Day and overnight; Girls'-Specific Weeks; impressive corporate partners; 1 computer per camper; an average of 6 students per instructor; campers complete a project at the end of the week, and Family Night.


FRED (Functional Response Emulation Devices).

Software developer & robotics enthusiast Neil Cresswell sends along news of Robotics & AI Chat Programs, particularly  Turing-tested Robot Conversationalists.


Humanoid Projects 


Amigobot evolved from SRI's AI Center ActivMedia Robotics Group Pioneer platform. 

"AmigoBot e-Presence is especially cool because four can be linked wirelessly and run online simultaneously so club members can talk to each other, see each other, etc. via the bots, or even play ball" - Jeanne Dietsch, ActivMedia Robotics 

Mobot, Inc

Mobot, Inc's Sage, Bugbot & Lemming 

International Space Station Robots 

Canadian Mobile Servicing System (MSS)
Personal Satellite Assistant (PSA) 


"World's first exposition of human partner robots".

ROBODEX2000 Exhibitor Links

Animal Behavior & Robot Control Systems VR 3D Kinematic Animation Modeling with Physics Properties Resources 

Animation Poly-PEDAL Laboratory
Simulations MIT Leg Lab
ADAMS Mechanical Dynamics Mechanical Design Simulation  / Virtual Prototyping software
Human Simulation Software Boston Dynamics

Sony Dream Robot
SDR-3X Humanoid

Honda's P# series humanoids have company!

The Sony SDR-3X Humanoid conforms to & utilizes the same Sony Entertainment Robot OS Architecture  software standard ("Aperios OPEN-R") as Aibo.
SDR-3X (Original Japanese site; look for  with metallic (non-white) humanoids).
SDR-3X English Translation (Rough gist translation by e-lingo; Video stills set included). 
M ore English info (from email on Sony and Honda humanoids).

NEC's Personal Robot Project's Personal Robot  "PaPeRo"

"PaPeRo" is smaller and lighter with many improved features...stand-alone architecture means it can taken home". PaPeRo sports improved Image & Speech Recognition.


iRobot-LE, a Web Controllable Wireless Telepresence Stair Climber Avatar Rover from Rod Brooks, the Chairman and CTO of iRobot. Mr. Brooks is also the director of the MIT AI Lab, creator of COG, and the founder of IS Robotics. 

Japanese Humanoid & Human Partner Robot Resources 

Honda P4 Asimo (in Japanese, but great pictures!)

Honda P3+ commercialized for sale in 2001 for 10M Yen  (~ $90,058 as  calculated by The Universal Currency Converter), according to AIBO TOWN  (search rough English translation page for story dated "(00/10/16)"

Sony Aibo
ERS-210, the new Sony Robot Dog 
NEC R100 , Nippon Electronics Corporation Personal Robot 
ROBODEX, world's first exposition of "human partner" robots

Artificial Life Milestone: Robots Building Robots Resources 

Machine Evolution including applications for LEGO & Aibo

J R KERR Automation Engineering
Motion Control Specialists

"J R Kerr specializes in the rapid development of intelligent machines. The PIC-SERVO line of low-cost, easy to use motion controllers can get your application moving now. Board level products are ideal for one-off or low volume production, and all of our control IC's are available for design into high volume products."

VIVA Robotics

Viva Robotics is a leader in providing unique, turn-key marketing solutions that uses Robots to convey marketing messages and teach complex technologies. See video clips of Sprocket the robot being disassembled by schoolchildren!

BEAM Robotics Web Resources

Cool Web Bots

NASA's "Cool Robot Of The Week" and catalog of web robots. Bookmark them and check back often! 

Robot Ball

Archives of the RobotBall events that ran for 4 years (up till 2002)  in Washington DC. RobotBall was a robot theme costume ball with robot events and robot bands! Site contains instructions on robot costuming and has great pictures of the events.

The Robot Store

Run by SFRSA's president, Roger Gilbertson, Mondo-tronics' Robot Store Web Catalog features over 400 robot kits, books, and software, as well as Muscle Wires® shape memory alloys, and lots of other great robot related hardware, electronics, video tapes and more!

The Robot Store is a sponsor of the SFRSA Sumo Robot competetions and the RoboExpo

Robot Books.Com

Run by SFRSA's most awarded competition robot builder, Carlo Bertocchini. Robot Books features a wide selection of just the books and magazines robot builders need! Forget about!. This site is brimming with resources from robot club links to toys! Check it out!

Musical Robot

Read about projects such as the amazing Theramin playing robot at the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering Intelligent Robotics Lab site.

Parallax Home Page

Everything you ever wanted to know about BASIC Stamps, one of the easiest-to-use dedicated microcomputers ever! Designed for robotics applications.

You can get one at the RobotStore!

LEGO Mindstorms Home Page

Ten years in development with M.I.T. and SRI, Lego's Robotic Invention System makes exploring robotics easy! Includes robotics chassis containing computer & rechargeable power supply, servos, light & touch sensors, infrared transmitter, Windows '95  object-oriented graphical user interface control software. Mac users can run them too! Check it out on this site.

You can get one at the RobotStore!

Autonomous Systems Lab and IROS'98 Workshop "Robots on the Web"

The Autonomous Systems Lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). Links include "Robots on the Web" workshop. Fascinating and in English!

Vancouver Robotics Club

They like robots! If you like robots, come join them! The Vancouver Robotics Club is looking for members who are interested in building robots such as LEGO MindStorm system, simple robot kits, all the way to fully functional research robots. VRC is a group that can answer questions, give technical support, and help you build your robot.

Seattle Robotics Society

The Seattle Robotics Society sponsors such events as the Northwest Regional Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest, and the Northwest Sumo Tournament, held at their yearly Robothon! A highly active group, SRS's web site features archives of their newsletter, encoder.

R. U. R.

Rossum's Unversal Robots

This site (created for a writing class) contains an excerpt in English from the original 1920 play R.U. R."Rossum's Universal Robots, by Karel Capek. This play introduced the word "robot" first into Czech in its present meaning and then on to the rest of the world's languages. 
R. U. R. played on Broadway and around the world.