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Spring Robot Games 2002

Until 2002, every year around mid-September, SFRSA and the Exploratorium hosted Robot Games at the Exploratorium  

The SF Exploratorium still hosts the Webcast video archives of these games from 1999 to 2002. 

High Schools and Colleges are strongly encouraged to contact SFRSA and build a robot for upcoming competition. Sumo bots, Mindstorms bots, and Aibo performers can all be designed and built within a week or two. Contact David Calkins for more information! Help is available for students and teachers wanting to build robots for this competition.


Robot Games 2001
San Francisco Robotics Society 
of America (SFRSA)
Exploratorium Museum of 
Science, Art, and Human Perception

A Robotics Event Featuring Sumo Competitions, Dog Races, Maze, Obstacle Course, Terrain Challenge, 
Animatronics Entertainment 
A Robotic Cambrian Explosion of Evolving Biomorphic Explorers

September 30, 2001
"This year's Robot Games are easily an order of magnitude larger and more robust than anyone can remember...The Exhibits area is greatly expanded with new guests including, for the first time, several NASA Robotics groups. In addition...there are several varieties of new Maze & Obstacle Challenge & many new Demonstrations. Joining the Sumo competition this year is a new competition event, the Robot "Greyhound Dog Races". Beyond the competitions are the Bots themselves - so many rarely, never before and newly seen machines...that the Games this year resemble a Robotic Cambrian Explosion. Among the many evolutionary experiments are several new species of robot that would seem to be candidate "Biomorphic Explorers". SFRSA Mediameister Cliff Thompson & his wife, SFRSA WebBotChick, have the story and video.

CyberArts X 10th Anniversary & YLEM (Artists Using Science & Technology) 20th Anniversary Celebrations, Exhibition, Conference, Webcast, Avatar World Cyberspace Atmosphere Portal & Party 
Report on exhibited 3D/VR tools, NASA Mars Robot VR App & VR Theme Park

September 15-16, 2001

On 9/15-16, 10am-6pm, SFRSA Mediameister Cliff Thompson attended an Exploratorium-hosted McBean Theater webcast of the CyberArts X  & YLEM (Artists Using Science & Technology) Celebrations Conference, which webcast was accompanied by a Virtual Reality Avatar World, & on 9/15, 8pm-12am, a Somarts Cultural Center-hosted Party. A highlight of the event was the roll-out of several powerful Virtual Reality tools, one application of which is a Mars Habitat simulation supporting Robotic Rovers that is slated for potential use on the NASA Mars 2003 mission. Here is Cliff's report.. Due to the cultural impact of this latest in a long series of Exploratorium-sponsored events, the report includes an Appendix:
... Tribute to Physicist Larry Shaw, Exploratorium Technical Curator.

Stanford University Graduate Engineering Students Host Bay Area AIBO Owner Gathering

May 12,
SFRSA Mediameister Cliff Thompson attended with AIBO K-9 & videotaped this event.  Here is the story, with pictures & a video clip.

JPL's Open House and Webcast Weekend  May 19 and 20, 2001
JPL introduced new species of Space-Faring Robots at the Open House
"ZaZa" the Robot's Trial Run 
Tech Museum, San Jose, CA   
Hangin' with the Party Androids at The Tech
May 9, 2001
SFRSA invited to Tech Museum Robot "ZaZa" Trial Run Evaluation. 

SFRSA President David Calkins &  "Gibson" featured in Time, Asia

April 30, 2001 
Dave and Gibson, Dave's Aibo were featured in a story in TIMEasia, (see "quote on blackboard" illustration near page top & also where it reads "Dog Dude...of...O'Reilly's bar...the most famous canine in North Beach...Gibson...a chick magnet", near page bottom).

UC Berkeley Annual Open House "Cal Day 2001" April 21, 2001
SFRSA Club member, UCB Robotics and Intelligent Machines Laboratory Manager, Winthrop Williams, is a featured presenter.

"If it's the Future, Where's My Robot?"

Special Lecture by AI BEAM Roboticist Mark Tilden

April 21, 2001
SFRSA sponsored Mark Tilden, Robotics Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory, to gave a public talk...
April 2001 Meeting
Fuji Soft All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament, Exploratorium   

March 27, 2001
Fuji Soft ABC Inc, sponsor of Japan's Robot Sumo Competition, brought  its robotic action to the Exploratorium, which webcast the event. To see the webcast archive, on the Exploratorium Robot webpage, click the "Live at the Exploratorium" or "Real (Player)" icon.

The annual jointly Exploratorium-SFRSA hosted Fuji Soft  sponsored Sumo Tournament also scored a major Chronicle newspaper story & pictures in the Wednesday, March 28, 2001 edition, entitled "Japanese Sumo Wrestling Becomes High-Tech Fun".

AIBO Obedience Classes
Sony METREON Sony Style
101 Fourth St., San Francisco
 March 24th - 25th, 2001
For You, AIBO & a Friend.  Teach your AIBO to do new tricks, perform on command, even take pictures!

National Television Network  "TechTV' hosts SFRSA

March 7, 2001 
Screen Savers, a one hour TV show aired a live Robot Special featured SFRSA members showing off robots...

Presentation at Space Camp
“Building Intelligent Robot Systems for Space”  
February 26, 2001 
Chabot Space & Science Center Robotics Expo
February 24, 2001 
Oakland Robotics Expo features exhibitors from robot clubs including SFRSA & Homebrew.  
February 2001 Meeting
January 2001 Meeting
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