Detailed Descriptions October 16, 2000


Special announcement to all SFRSA Roboteers and our wonderful Exploratorium supporters!

Thanks to the amazingly cool Robot Games 2000 event, SFRSA's web site, ROBOTS.ORG made NASA's " Space Telerobotics Program Cool Robot of the Week"! The week was: Oct 16, Robot Games 2000. Wow! Recogintion from NASA! Our circuits are humming now!!!!

Thanks to the Exploratorium staff (especially Larry Shaw and his crew!)  everyone who made the event such a success!

From the NASA Space Telerobotics Program Web Site:

Cool Robot Of The Week

The honor of being listed as "Cool Robot Of The Week" is bestowed upon those robotics-related web sites which portray highly innovative solutions to robotics problems, describe unique approaches to implementing robotics system, or present exciting interfaces for the dissemination of robotics-related information or promoting robotics technology. This award carries absolutely no monetary value, official recognition, assumed support, or tangible benefit, other than swamping your web site with a few dozen extra hits for a week. But everyone else was putting up their "Cool Site Of The Millennia" lists, so we figured it was our turn too...


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