Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
 offers kits for making Automata & a website featuring Virtual Reality animations of the creations. SFRSA Mediameister Cliff Thompson purchased a set of kits & instructional books for his Dad, "The Original Engineer" (TOE), a few Xmas's back. A recent video of his latest creations would tend to indicate that TOE has  become one of, if not the, World's Greatest Automatist, as shown in a brief clip (This is a Quicktime mov file. You may need to right-click & download to view it.).

Zach's Cool Stuff

SFRSA member & Lawrence Berkeley Lab Engineer Zach Radding is building a Robot Workshop n Berkeley amd has created a website called Zach's Cool Stuff. A descriptive excerpt from the web page reads " Where High school and college-aged members expand their knowledge of electronics, robotics, mechanic s and computers through hands-on projects".

DARYL mouse

"...Autonomous, untethered, embodied agent...vehicular robot to test an embodied agent controller theorized by Alan Turing...The agent, an artificial rodent, utilized the instantiation of a “single-track” P-Type Turing machine as an Engine of Intelligence...The device can be seen at:"  ("De tail")

Looking to build an untethered, autonomous, vehicular robot, perhaps to test an embodied agent controller theorized by Alan Turing? Need someone into Adaptive and Embedded Artificial Intelligence, applied mobile robotics, hardware based adaptive systems, and high-speed computer design? Ovi Chris Rouly's your man  - he's looking for work and currently available.  Here's his contact info. 


Gibson, David's 


Gibson belongs to SFRSA's president-elect, Dave Calkins. Though Dave has hacked Gibson's brain, this Aibo is a very mild-mannered office dogbot, usually awake for 4-6 hours a day. 

Gibson even has his own homepage - Be sure to send Gibson e-mail while you're there so that his carbon (Dave) will upload Gibson's video onto the home page! 

OMSI Mini Sumo Robot Construction Page The Marvin Slyder mini sumo robot kit, designed by Marvin Green, was the focus of SFRSA member Joe Miller's series of workshops at the Exploratorium in September 2000. Workshop participants emerged with fully built Slyders built which they immediately put into competition in Robot Games 2000

You can find a guide to building the OMSI mini sumo robot using an available circuit board and components by going to and clicking Mini Sumo.You can learn more about Sumo Robot events at Sine Robotics.

Working Sojourner Rover Model SFRSA member Joe Miller has created a 4/5 scale Mars Sojourner Rover from photographs he gleaned from the Web. It was built entirely with hand tools using common household materials. Joe's company, Positive Logic Engineering, makes an advanced servo controller for R/C-type servo motors. 
and Robot Books

Carlo Bertocchini is SFRSA's most awarded competition robot builder. His amazing heavyweight robot, Biohazard, triumphed once again! Not only did the sleek R/C robot win the one-to-one heavyweight championship at BattleBots (the show is on Comedy Central (where it belongs), Biohazard won "Best Engineered" by peer vote. 

Carlo also runs the Robot Books web site, which features a wide selection of just the books and magazines robot builders need! Forget about!. This site is brimming with resources from robot club links to toys! Check it out!

The Robot Store

Run by SFRSA's former president, Roger Gilbertson, Mondo-tronics' Robot Store Web Catalog features over 400 robot kits, books, and software, as well as Muscle Wires® shape memory alloys, and lots of other great robot related hardware, electronics, video tapes and more!

The Robot Store is a sponsor of the SFRSA Sumo Robot competetions and the Robot Games! 


Former SFRSA president Brad Smallridge has been busy with his company, SIGHTech. Brad's machine vision systems are easy to use and can learn objects/images in a few minutes by just looking at them through a camera -- no programming of the system is required!! These sight systems are invaluable in industrial process inspection stations.