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New York Times, 05/02/02

Using Robotics, Researchers Give Upgrade to Lowly Rats

Scientific American, 07/01 Walking the Dinosaur...This 10-pound, two-legged robotic replica of a Troodon
from the Cretaceous period walks like the real thing
Scientific American, 06/01 Solving the Mystery of Insect Flight...Flying Robotic Insect
Scientific American, 02/01 The Smallest Robot Ever
Chronicle, 07/01/01 Robotic Promises as Yet Unfulfilled 
Smart robots ready for duty only in the movies 
Real artificial intelligence remains elusive
Chronicle, 12/21/00  There's a Method to the Penguin's Waddle
Chronicle, 06/19/00  Sticky Secrets of the Gecko
Chronicle, 08/22/99  New breed of robots to explore the planets 
JPL  Biomorphic Explorers
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